Best Players in Houston Texans History

The Houston Texans joined the National Football League in 1999. The team played their first season in the year of 2002. After a few mediocre seasons, the team experienced its first winning record in 2009 (9-7). There have been many great teams since.

Throughout the brief 16 year history of the team there have been a few players that have truly contributed to the success of the organization. Below is the list of the 10 best players that have played for the Houston Texans.  Some of them will even be helping the Texans win games this season.

10. Jacoby Jones (Wide Receiver/Return Specialist)

Drafted by the team in 2007, Jacoby had an instant impact on the Texan’s return game. Racking up the most overall return touchdowns for the organization, Jones also contributed as a wide receiver and deep threat. The numbers aren’t as impressive when compared to the Devin Hester-type of returners, but they propelled the Texans to a few successful seasons in a time of need.

9. David Carr

David Carr led the offensive attack for the Texans in their first full season. The quarterback was drafted out of Fresno State as the first overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft. While Carr’s statistics remain mediocre at best, his impact as the quarterback and face of this new franchise will always live in infamy. Carr quarterbacked the Texans for 5 seasons with his best season ending with a record of 7-9.

8. Duane Brown

A quarterback cannot be successful without the support of solid offensive lineman protecting them. That is exactly what Brown did over his 8-year career with the Texans. Brown played left tackle for the team and was named to the Pro-Bowl during 3 of his seasonal campaigns. Offensive lineman often lack in recieiving attention or accolades, but Brown can be cited for helping protect offensive assets in order to reach winning seasons for 5 out of his 8 seasons played.

7. Owen Daniels

The tight-end position is a second position that hardly receives the attention it deserves. Daniels lead receiving by a tight-end for the Texans in each of his 8 seasons as a part of the team. He only failed to reach that accolade in one season due to injury. Daniels blocking ability can also be noted as it created for extra pass protection and run protection in times of need. Daniels was also promoted to the Pro-Bowl in 2 seasons as a member of the Texans.

6. Mario Williams

After a lack luster season in 2005, the Texans drafted North Carolina State defensive lineman Mario Williams with the first overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. Williams kind of had a slow start with the team, but would eventually showcase his talents in receiving 2 Pro-Bowl invitations. He only played 6 seasons with Houston before being traded, but his defensive impact caused for him to be a quarterback’s nightmare each and every Sunday.

5. Brian Cushing

This linebacker out of USC plays with reckless abandon each and every Sunday. Cushing has provided the Texans with the ability to become diversified defense and to be unaffected by new defensive schemes/procedures. Cushing has played inside linebacker, middle linebacker, and defensive end for the team, proving that he can handle any challenge. Cushing has made one Pro-Bowl experience in his young career and if it weren’t for a few nagging injuries, that number could have been much larger.

4. Arian Foster

Arian Foster is the all-time leading rusher for the Houston Texans. The Tennessee product is featured heavily in the Texans offensive game plan, but has been hindered by a career of untimely injuries. A few rather successful seasons write the script for why Foster was so important to the team. He led the NFL in total rushing yards, touchdowns, and yards per game in 2010 and led the league in rushing attempts and touchdowns in 2012. His name will forever be recognized in association to the brief history of this organization.

3. Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub is the all-time leading passer in the history of the Houston Texans. Amassing a total of passing yards just north of 23,000, it is easy to see why Schaub is one of the most important players in the history of the team. As an offensive captain and leader he helped the Texans to a few winning seasons and a couple of division titles. His overall importance to the team renders him to be a priceless asset that will forever be recognized by the team.

2 & 1. Andre Johnson and J.J. Watt

Dividing the difference between these two individuals is truly next to impossible. Johnson is the all-time leading receiver for the team while Watt has written the record books for any measurable defensive stats category there is. Johnson played for the team longer than Watt, but Watt is the current face of the franchise and that won’t be changing anytime soon.  Ranker went with Johnson second, I’m going with a split.

Both players had/have the greatest impact on their side of the ball each and every Sunday. Teams fear the threat of an offensive weapon that Andre Johnson is. Teams (and above all, quarterbacks) fear the defensive capabilities and takeaway capabilities that J.J. Watt possesses. It was amazing to see him on Hard Knocks last year and how hard he works.

Both of these players deserve the right to share the top spot in the eyes of the  organization as both have provided an insurmountable amount of importance to the franchise as a whole.

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Best Teams in the Texans Short History

In 2002 the Texans brought football back to Houston, Texas. With the Houston Oilers now moved to Nashville, fans in the area were ready to embrace this team. The franchise has had some successful moments during their short stay in the AFC South.

Their early seasons were a bit of a struggle but they soon would blossom into one of the better teams in their conference. We’ve already put together a list of best players in team history.  But, here is a list of the best seasons the Texans have had during their short stay in Houston.


This was the seventh season for the Texans in the league. They had a tough start to the year losing their first four games. With three of those loses being divisional losses, things were not looking great for the Texans. However the team rallied in a great way finish at 8-8 and winning five of their last six. This was also the first year the team ever appeared on Monday Night Football. Gary Kubiak had the team moving in the right direction and although they didn’t make the playoffs, things were looking up for this team.


The Texans improved on their previous season by finishing 2009 with a 9-7 record. It was their first winning season in franchise history and they just barley missed the playoffs, being the first team out in a series of tiebreakers. Running back Arian Foster began to play during the middle of this season and began showing his ability to play at a high level. Despite missing the playoffs it was clear that this was a franchise on the upswing and just a piece or two away from competing in the playoffs.


In their tenth season in the league, the Texans made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. The Texans finished the regular season with a 10-6 record and won their division. The hosted the first playoff game in the city of Houston since the Oilers in 1993. They then went on to win the franchise’s first playoff game 31-10 over the Bengals before losing to the Ravens in the next round.


Perhaps the best season in franchise history, the Texans were at their highest point during this season. They finished the regular season at an impressive 12-4. Players like JJ Watt and Arian Foster had become all pro players. They won a close playoff game against the Bengals for the second year in a row. Unfortunately they met a tough Patriots team in the divisional round and loss 41-28.


2015 saw the Texans return to the playoffs for the first time in three years. Despite having a rough start to the season (maybe due to Hard Knocks distractions), and having multiple guys starting at quarterback the Texans found a rhythm toward the end of their season and managed to benefit from a very weak year in their division. They met the Chiefs in the playoffs, and came back to earth in a 30-0 loss.

Can this become another great year in Texans history?  Check out our game-by-game predictions to see what we think.

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