Houston Texans Hard Knocks Experience

Houston Texans Hard Knocks Experience

Every year subscribers to Home Box Office (HBO) look forward to one specific show. You may think it is Game of Thrones, or The Leftovers, but that would be wrong. That show that many viewers of HBO look forward to every year is the series Hard Knocks.

Hard Knocks allows you to look into the inner working of a National Football League team. The 2016 season will introduce the Los Angeles Rams to the viewing audience. The 2015 season of Hard Knocks featured the Houston Texans, and one of our best teams of all time.

Hard Knocks is fun, because the show allows you to meet the different rookies that have to go through their first training camp. The show takes the rookies from the airport to their rooms that they are going to stay during training camp. After camp is out some of the rookies have to go the process of finding a house and you get to see how they make decisions on the different type of homes that they buy.

On a day off some of the rookies, go sightseeing to a bat habitat that is in the greater Houston area. The amount of bats that are living in a secluded small area is amazing; not only to the different players but I thought it was an incredible sight.

The Texans had more veterans that would influence their team, so the show focused on those players. The shows focus was J.J. Watt. I discovered how popular he is to the Houston area in the first episode. Many of the fans would chant his name and they would stay late into the night just to get an autograph from the defensive player of the year. The player showed why he is so good and one of the all-time greats, which is the amount of extra work he is willing to put into his game after practices have concluded.

Quarterbacking is a vital part of the game and the Texans had a huge choice between to veteran quarterbacks. Coach Bill O’Brien had a tough decision to make until one of the QB’s made a serious mistake and was benched.

The most difficult part of any coach’s job is to make roster cuts and Hard Knocks shows how these choices are made. Some of the choices are easy to make because some of the players get injured, but some are more difficult because the player is really good but just is not ready to play at the NFL at this time.

The show Hard Knocks is a fun show to watch that runs for four weeks in August. It is a fun show to watch and it is easy to tied up in the lives of the athletes.  I do think not being on it this year will help our team, which is why I predict we get off to a better start this year compared to last.

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