1997 Last promotional photo as a pro wrestler 

1995 Promotional photo showcasing new tattoo

1995 A headlock on the Chief in West Virginia.


A photo taken in 1994 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated columnist Bill Needham.

1994 The Hard Riders.  Ric Savage - Mike Cavanar

1992  first "title", the IWA United States Heavyweight Championship.

1993 Savage (L) with tag-team partner Tommy Gun(R) and wrestling legend and six-man tag-team partner Chief Wahoo McDaniels (center).

1993 Savage (L), "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff, Tommy Gunn (R)

1993 Ric and Handsome Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant

1993 Ric and WWF star Tatanka in the dressing room at a show in Concord, NC. 

1994 Hamming it up with "Nature Boy" Buddy Landell.

1993 Posing with Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of '80's heavy metal band QUIET RIOT.

1993 Striking a pose with then six-man tag-team partner "White Lightning" Tim Horner, a former NWA and WCW star.

1991 Six-Man tag team action!  Tommy Gunn is working the arm of the Wild Samoan as Wahoo McDaniels as Savage looks on from the outside.

Ric in a feather boa.

1992 Pounding on The Executioner in the corner!

1991 Promotional photo

Ric Savage as the "Russian Executioner"

1993 promotional photo

1994 Promotional photo after winning the Southern Heavyweight Championship.

1995 The Hard Riders -  Partner Frankee Lawless(L)and Savage (R) are posing in the dressing room with the late Hercules Hernandez (center), a WWF superstar in the 1980's.

1995 The next tag-team, Body Count, was with "Bull" Buchanan, seen here with NCW World Tag-Team Championship belts. 

1996Savage standing at the grave of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.

1996 New tag-team partner David Young and Savage after winning the NCW World Tag-Team Titles.

1996 Promotional photo outside a National Guard Armory in North Carolina.

1996 Savage became "Heavy Metal" as he changed his look to a grunge-rocker.  It was his most successful look.

1996 Promotional photo with ECW/WWE/TNA star Kid Kash.

1995 Goofing for the camera at a Wal-Mart autograph session in Tennessee.

1997 EXTREME MATCH!!  Savage is being choked with an axe-handle by "The Bull" Scott Raines.  This was one of Savage's last matches before he retired in 1997.

1996 OFF THE TOP ROPE!  Ric Savage was not a high-flyer, period.

1996 Cutting an interview with Manager, "The Boss" Chance Williams.

1996 Promotional photo complete with cigarette

1996  Posing on a pile of smashed VCR's.

1996 Passport photo with 8 earrings. 

1995 Clean-shaven cowboy look.  The boots really are Ric.  The hat...not so much.

1994 The bodybuilder pose.  Cheesy.

1993 The bodybuilder pose Part II.  Still Cheesy.

Attempt at being sexy.  We stress ATTEMPT...

1997 Posing with Will Whitehead, outdoorsman extrodinaire!

1993 At Myrtle Beach, SC after a big match the night before.

1993 Ric's idea of wearing a suit!

1995 The cowboy pose. 

1988 Ric Savage is a proud veteran of the US Army Field Artillery.  This photo was taken at Fort Sill, OK.

2010  Enjoying time with former NASCAR star Ward Burton

1997 Sitting in front of the now defunct Conflict Theater in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where Savage did a nightly ghost story theater show.

1989 Young and cocky and so wet behind the ears you could go boating...

1999 Holding a steelhead trout in the salmon river near Syracuse, New York.

2008  Hamming it with Matt Katula, long-snapper for the Baltimore Ravens, after a golf tournamant for his charity foundation.

2008  Posing with two Baltimore Raven cheerleaders at the first annual Matt Katula Foundation golf tournament in Havre De Grace, Maryland.

2006  Ric Savage's first Civil War relic show and table at the Chantilly, Virginia Civil War show in April. 

Posing with two friends,  Author and publisher Michael J. O Donnell (L), and Gary Williams, owner of the Hanover Brass Foundry (R).  The three had just finished a dig on the Cold Harbor battlefield along with Ric's wife Rita.

Posing with good digging buddies in Virginia.  This is after a dig on the Cold Harbor battlefield on private property with the landowner's permission..

Ric Savage a dig-hole at the Cold Harbor battlefield in the Union trenchline (dig was on private property with permission from the owner).

Ric Savage and Philadelphia morning talk-radio host, Michael Smerconish. 

 In Toronto, Canada at a function in 2007.

2010 (From left) Ric Savage, Taylor Doggett (Driver of the McDonalds car), "Big T" Todd Tribble (DA Motorsports team Manager), Brad Pennington (former pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles) at the South Boston, Virginia speedway.

2011 Venice Beach, CA also known as Muscle Beach. 

With Monday Night Football's Melissa Stark. 

Yes...Ric Savage is a PARROTHEAD!!!!!!!!

2010 Ric Savage

2010 Ric and Rita Savage at the Little Bighorn battlefield in Montana

2012 Ric and Rita Savage

2012 Ric Savage, AMERICAN DIGGER on Spike TV

Ric Savage and actor Peter Sherayko, "Texas Jack" Vermillion in the movie TOMBSTONE

2012 Ric and Rita Savage at the 6th Annual Spike TV "Guys Choice" Awards

2012 The beautiful Rita Savage

2012 Nick Savage, Ric Savage, Rita Savage - 6th Annual Guys Choice Awards-Spike TV

Ric Savage and TNA Pro Wrestling champion Bobby Roode

2012 Nic Savage, Ric Savage, Scott Gurney - Scott Gurney is the Executive Producer of AMERICAN DIGGER

2012 Ric Savage and actor Luke Wilson

2012 Ric Savage and Dick Van Dyke

2011 Ric and Rita Savage at Ground Zero in New York

2012 Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), Rita Savage, Ric Savage

2012 Ric and Rita Savage at the Congressional hearing on Lymes Disease

2012 Ric Savage